Tonya Macalino will appear at author event Dec. 7 at Jacobsens Books

by: HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO: DOUG BURKHARDT - Tonya Macalino poses with her latest book, Stealing Lucifers Dreams, during a book release party at Jacobsens Books last Friday.Storytelling is ingrained in author Tonya Macalino’s soul, and she is beginning to share more of her stories in book form.

At a book release party at Jacobsen’s Books in downtown Hillsboro Nov. 15, Macalino celebrated the debut of her science-fiction book, “Stealing Lucifer’s Dreams,” which is the second book in her budding “Shades of Venice” series.

“Stories are our connections to each other; our way to make sense of the world and our place in it,” said Macalino, a 1996 graduate of Pacific University. “The magic in every story is its ability to transcend generations, to give us a space outside of time where we can decide anew who we want to be.”

The protagonist in Macalino’s series is Alyse Kate Bryant, a woman Macalino describes as a “sensory immersion artist.”

“It’s like a Foley artist, except instead of sounds, Alyse records and lays the sensation tracks into full-immersion holographic movies,” Macalino explained.

At the Jacobsen’s event, Macalino told a group of about 50 book lovers what her latest work is about.

“Alyse goes to the flooded ruins of Venice to film a documentary about the folklore and history of the ruins,” she said, “but she gets trapped there as the legends awaken.”

Macalino, a Hillsboro resident, said she isn’t sure where her fascination with science fiction comes from.

“I think science fiction and fantasy offer us tools as writers and readers to examine issues in a bigger way, to play the what-if game on a grander scale,” she said. “They allow us to examine what kind of people we want to be morally, and they allow us to examine the heights we can strive for as people and as creative beings.”

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