Four injured when a man, angered by a fight, steers into a cluster of people outside restaurant

A Gresham man angered by a fight is accused of intentionally driving his Mercedes into a group of people and crashing into a restaurant entryway early Friday, Jan. MULTNOMAH COUNTY SHERIFF - Brad Eason

Four men who were hit by the car are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The driver — Brad Everett Eason, 30, of Gresham — is being held at the Multnomah County Detention Center on four allegations of attempted murder, plus allegations of first- and second-degree assault, driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving. His bail is $2 million.

Three of the four injured men were part of a group of people whom Eason had just gotten into a fight with at Shari's Restaurant in the 800 block of Southwest Highland Drive, said Detective John Rasmussen, Gresham police spokesman. The fourth man was not with the group — he was eating breakfast before going outside to smoke a cigarette when the car crashed into him.

Police and paramedics responded to the 3:48 a.m. report of a pedestrian stuck by a vehicle and a group of approximately 10 people fighting, Rasmussen said.

Based on witnesses accounts and work by the Vehicular Crime Team, police believe that Eason was at a bar with a group of approximately 10 friends and new acquaintances earlier in the evening before the group went to Shari's, Rasmussen said. An argument started between Eason and two females in the group. The argument continued outside, and Eason verbally threatened the women. Then he got in a short physical fight with Najee Newman, 21, of Portland before the two separated.

The group broke into smaller ones, preparing to leave as Eason walked alone to his 2009 Mercedes C30 and backed out of his parking spot. Then he drove through the parking lot toward the front of the restaurant where a small part of the group was standing near the front door.

Witnesses report hearing the Mercedes’ tires lose traction as Eason accelerated, veered to the left into an open parking space near the restaurant's front door, struck an SUV, then drove onto the walkway and into part of the restaurant's entryway, running into four people in the process.

Reports are that after the crash, Eason got out of his car and jumped over the back, aggressively moving toward the victims. “The witnesses' perceptions were that he was not coming to render aid but was instead going to continue the fight,” Rasmussen said.

Witnesses stopped and restrained Eason before he reached the victims.

Then it appears that someone escorted Eason inside where they waited for police. Officers arrested him without further incident, Rasmussen said.

Rob Polanco, 23, of Gresham was directly in front of Eason’s car when the Mercedes hit him. Polanco hit the windshield, breaking it, before being thrown into a large window behind him. Although his body did not break the glass, it did tear the window frame from the wall. He suffered a non-life-threatening head injury, and relatives took him to the hospital.

Kennyth Estoy, 23, of Troutdale was transported to Oregon Health & Science University by ambulance with a compound fracture to his right leg. The full extent of his injury is not known.

Newman — the man Eason briefly got into a fight with before going to his car — was treated and released for a bruised left leg and arm at Oregon Health & Science University.

The fourth victim, Dan Daugherty, 32, of Boring, was not part of Eason's group. He'd been eating breakfast and was standing outside smoking a cigarette when Eason drove his car into the cluster of people and entryway. Daugherty suffered a minor injury to his left leg.

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