Police arrested three teenage boys for fighting with a school resource officer and other officers who provided backup.

The three Portland teens — one is 15 and two are 17 — now face charges of assaulting a public safety officer, attempting to assault a public safety officer, harassment and interfering with a peace officer, said Detective John Rasmussen, Gresham police spokesman.

It began at 12:47 p.m. Wednesday, April 3, when a school resource officer looking for truant students in violation of daytime curfew laws noticed a group of juveniles hanging out at the 7-Eleven at 17404 S.E. Powell Blvd., in Portland.

The officer stopped a 15-year-old boy, who gave a fake name, shoved the officer and acted in a menacing manner, pretending he was going to hit the officer, Rasmussen said.

The boy’s 17-year-old friend interfered, pushing the officer and saying he had no right to stop his friend. After shoving the officer, both boys ran away and refused to obey the officer’s orders to stop.

While calling for other officers to help, the officer chased the juveniles in an effort to take them into custody. During the chase, the older boy stopped, faced the officer and tried to punch him in the face. The officer managed to dodge the punch and the boy took off again.

And again, the officer chased the boys, who ran to an apartment in the 17200 block of Southeast Powell Boulevard. The boys briefly ran inside, came back out and advanced toward the officer. As the 17-year-old aggressively came toward the officer, he deployed his Taser, Rasmussen said.

Within about five seconds, the boy ran back into the apartment and other officers arrived to help.

The mother of the Tasered juvenile allowed officers to enter the apartment and tend to her son, Rasmussen said. Then, as officers tried to contact the boy, a third male, also 17, blocked their way, Rasmussen said.

That third boy then fought with two officers who tried to move him aside.

Ultimately, paramedics transported the Tasered boy to Oregon Health & Science University to have a Taser probe removed, which is considered a non life-threatening injury. When released, he’ll face charges of harassment, attempting to assault a public safety officer and interfering with a peace officer.

The 15-year-old boy and the other 17-year-old boy from the apartment also are facing the same charges.

Two officers received minor scrapes, and one officer injured his back during the incident.

The names of everyone involved are being withheld pending review from the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, Rasmussen said.

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