Adorable pirate kitten rakes in the loot for fellow creatures at the Troutdale animal shelter

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Stuffy and his foster mom, Blazer Schaffer of Troutdale.Sir Stuffington, the most adorable one-eyed pirate kitten the Internet has ever seen, has quickly become the poster kitten for his fellow shelter animals.

Less than two weeks after his foster mother, Blazer Schaffer of Troutdale, posted a picture of the snarl-lipped kitten dressed like a pirate on Facebook, his survival story went viral.

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Sir Stuffington, the kitten.With more than 43,000 Likes to his page, Sir Stuffington has drawn attention from local news stations, The Huffington Post (in the United Kingdom too) and Mother Jones magazine.

As a result, the kitty’s undeniably cute face, available for purchase via prints taken of him with or without his pirate costume, has moved people from all over the country to donate more than $3,000 to Multnomah County Animal Services’ Dolly Fund foster care program.

“I want to bring awareness to the world about the importance of your local animal shelter and the lives they save every day!” the Facebook page reads.

One donor even started the website so the kitten’s caretaker can use it for more fundraising.

Animal Services Director Mike Oswald said the extra support pays for the “kitten care kits” foster parents take home to care for thousands of cats that come into the shelter every year, and often require extra love and medical attention.

The Siamese-colored Sir Stuffington was a vulnerable 6 weeks old and weighed less than 1 pound when he was picked up off the streets of Troutdale with his two brothers (Dexter and Nugget).

by: AMY WHO PHOTOGRAPHY - The pirate costume that shot Sir Stuffington to internet fame.Brought to the Multnomah County Animal Services shelter in Troutdale on Sept. 13, all of the kittens were found to have physical problems, severe flea infestations and the feline calicivirus, which can cause respiratory infection.

Little Sir Stuffington had it the worst with a heart murmur, missing eye and jaw fracture.

After the kittens were treated, the lucky trio went home with their foster parent.

The Outlook checked in with Schaffer to see how the beloved kitten star and his brothers are doing.

“He’s fantastic,”said Schaffer, 34. “They are doing much better.”

Schaffer, a mother of two pre-teens, lives with her girlfriend, who helps her foster a variety of animals at their house, including a blind and deaf dachshund and an iguana formerly looked after by a homeless drug addict.

They’ve been fostering animals for the Troutdale shelter for 10 years.

Schaffer, who works as a “pole acrobat and contortionist” when she’s not mothering animals, couldn’t be happier with the turnout of support for Sir Stuffington.

“Raising awareness for rescues and shelters is a beautiful thing,” she said.

As for Sir Stuffington, or “Stuffy,” his heart murmur is gone and he’s flea free.

“He’s happy and playing and running and jumping,” Schaffer said.

The highly contagious calicivirus, which the three kittens came down with as strays, can leave them prone to painful mouth ulcers and upper respiratory infections. As a result, Stuffy and his brothers have been quarantined to Schaffer’s bathroom so they don’t infect the other seven pets in the house.

The kittens received a checkup on Saturday.

by: AMY WHO PHOTOGRAPHY - Sir Stuffington with his brothers Nugget and Dexter.“Hopefully the virus will be in remission soon, so he can come and join everybody else,” Schaffer said.

Dexter and Nugget suffered no facial trauma and are doing better and growing faster than Stuffy, Schaffer said. At 8 or so weeks old, he now weighs just over a pound.

Despite a wobbly start, it doesn’t appear Stuffy has been robbed of his kitten-hood.

“He’s actually a little bit of a demon,” Schaffer said. “Incredibly tenacious.”

Like most kittens, he enjoys scaring himself in the mirror and clinging to Schaffer’s legs.

When he’s 6 months old, Stuffy can look forward to facial surgery.

But fear not, those who love his precious eye-patch and toothy snarl.

The surgery is not cosmetic. “We love the way he is,” Schaffer said.

Stuffy has teeth that could puncture his lip from his offset jaw, so they will be pulled.

Stay tuned for another update.

“He’s a spitfire, that one,” Schaffer said.

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