Two friends rescued after canoe overturns in river

Two goose hunters were dumped into cold waters Sunday, Feb. 23, when their canoe hit a log and overturned in the Sandy River near Lewis and Clark State Park.

The men, who were wearing life vests and waterproof outdoor gear at the time, were in the water for about 30 minutes before rescuers arrived.

People walking their dogs at a park on shore noticed the men in the water and called for help.

Anthony Engelman and his friend, identified only as Tyler, were cold but uninjured when rescuers pulled them from the water.

Their canoe had run into a log on the river and was flipped when the log rolled and sucked them under.

Engelman was pinned against the log, but Tyler fell in and floated down the river.

“I was in the river for a while and slowly made my way to shore, tried to angle the canoe to have the keel help me get to shore and grabbed a branch and held on and hollered for help, and humbly received it,” Tyler told KOIN 6 News reporters.

Rescuers from Corbett and Gresham showed up in about a half-hour.

They recovered the two hunters’ belongings and the canoe, which sustained some damage from the log.

“The moral of the story,” Tyler said, “is to wear a life vest. They look stupid and then they save your life.”

Goose hunting season for the Northwest general permitting zone began Feb. 1 and ends March 10, said Michelle Dennehy, wildlife communication coordinator at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

If they want to shoot geese, hunters are required to take a goose identification test, Dennehy said.

Goose hunters must be able to show they can identify certain subspecies of geese, such as Cacklers and Dusky Canada geese, that the state is trying to protect.

— KOIN 6 News contributed to this report.

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