Budget includes the addition of a 16th Fairview police officer

The Fairview City Council voted 7-0 to adopt the city's 2014-15 budget on Wednesday, June 19, at a regular council meeting.

The $18,527,897 budget stands as it was proposed by the Fairview Budget Committee, which consists of 14 members including six city councilors, the mayor, and seven appointed citizen representatives.

After meeting twice in April to review and amend the budget, the Budget Committee unanimously approved the proposed budget for the fiscal year.

That amount is about 0.45 percent less than the budget adopted last year, according to city documents.

Key changes in the budget this year included adding a 16th Fairview police officer at a cost of $50,000, reinstating a finance department office assistant at $65,000, reinstating a public works development professional at $125,000, donating $1,000 to the annual Fairview on the Green (chili festival) event, and specifying $300,000 of the city's total contingency funds for improvements at Lakeshore Park.

Changes also included the reinstatement of part-time seasonal summer positions, Park and Recreation Master Plan updating, city hall maintenance projects.

Among the capital improvement projects budgeted for 2014-15 budget are Lakeshore Park master plan design review and construction ($300,000), sidewalk maintenance program ($50,000), City Hall carpet replacement and other improvements ($80,000), two police vehicles ($75,000) and sewer system improvements ($630,000).

Also, all Fairview employees are budgeted to receive a 2.5 percent “cost of living increase,” which the city said is in compliance with labor contract and manuals.

Effective July 1, 2014, all employees also will contribute 10 percent of the cost for their health and welfare coverage.

The general fund proposed to the Budget Committee had totaled operating expenses at $4,675,063, contingency at $2,021,892, and an ending fund balance of $1,168,000.

The budget approved and recommended to the City Council for adoption had increased the general fund operating expenses to $4,777,737, trimmed the contingency to $1,919,218, and left alone the ending fund balance of $1,168,000.

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