Calls came from students, parents, school officials

Troutdale Police released recordings of a series of 911 calls Wednesday, July 9 that were fielded during the Reynolds High School shooting June 10, as reported by KOIN 6NEWS.

Fourteen-year-old student Emilio Hoffman was killed, and RHS teacher Todd Rispler was injured when 15-year-old shooter Jared Padgett opened fire in the boys' locker room.

The recordings — which range from panicked parents to an eye witness to the school’s assistant principal — offer insights into what happened at Reynolds that day.

The first recording, from a man identified as Dustin, describes the scene inside the boy’s locker room just after the lockdown was called in detail.

He saw Padgett going from the boys locker room to the gym lobby alone, wearing a vest and a head and face mask.

“We were in the locker room working on locks and it scared the hell out of us,” Dustin says. “It looked like there was a kid lying down,” he says.

The shooter “was going from the boys locker room to the lobby in the big gym,” he said.

Dustin told the dispatcher he heard three or four shots in the locker room and another three or four shots in the lobby.

At one point, the dispatcher on the line asks Dustin if the ordeal could possibly be a prank, saying she hoped it was.

Dustin also describes a rifle case and a shirt on the floor of a bathroom stall inside the boys’ locker room.

When he offers to poke his head out the window, the dispatcher advises him to stay down. “You can’t imagine all the people I have coming your way,” she said.

Assistant Principal John Olson called to report an active shooter, notify responders of one teacher who had been hit and announce the school lock down. He is heard conversing with students, as well as teacher Todd Rispler.

One caller said his brother, Matthew Tang, was alone in a class room unable to lock down the room.

“They’re trying to hide but there’s no adult to lock down the room,” he said to the 911 dispatcher.

“The door opens to the hall so they can’t even barricade it.”

Other callers included concerned family members and people warning there may be another shooter based on information from social media posts.

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