Metro conducting online survey, open house

Metro regional government is working on a new project survey where the public can give its opinions at a public meeting and online about how transportation should be developed along Powell Boulevard and Division Street.

Metro staffers have already been out in force at public events in Gresham, gathering comments from people and visiting area businesses.

But they want more people to comment, and have a website with a 5-minute survey at

Metro also will seek public input at a meeting from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 18, at the Gresham Library, 385. N.W. Miller Ave., Gresham.

Metro's website outlines the goals of the Powell-Division Transit and Development Project, stating it aims “to establish more frequent and reliable transit for thousands of people who depend on the 4-Division and 9-Powell buses,” and new service could begin by 2020.

Metro posted some of the comments its received already from Gresham residents. Here's one example:

“A quicker trip for sure, and more comfortable bus stops, weather protection, being able to get out of the rain and at least two places to sit.”

Another didn't think a light rail line would be the answer.

“The dedicated busway seems like the fastest and cheapest option. Light rail would be fine, but I don't see how you could build it without taking a whole bunch of right of way.”

Another person thought light rail might be a possibility, but not streetcars.

“Another light rail line would easily integrate into the existing MAX system and provide the highest capacity and fastest times of all the options. I would only explore Frequent Service Plus if we couldn't afford light rail. I don't see the benefit of a streetcar line. Why pay the cost of track and overhead wiring when you only get the capacity of a bus?”

More ideas area welcome, according to the Metro website:

“Commuting between Gresham and Portland could get faster, easier and safer in one of the region’s busiest transit corridors," but the public's opinion is important, the site states. “What kind of transit should be added, and where should it go? Where should riders get on and off, and what should the stops look like?"

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