Local video rental store to close, liquidate by end of December after 12 years.

POST PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - Andy and Linda Anderson, owners of the Sandy Blockbuster store.The times have caught up with little Sandy. Blockbuster video rental is closing.

In April, Business Insider magazine reported there were about 10 locations of the chain remaining, most in Alaska, and now the number has just dropped below double digits.

Andy Anderson, owner of the Sandy Blockbuster at 37417 Highway 26, has been in the video rental industry since 1983. He began his career in the age of Betamax, VHS tapes and laser discs, and he was there when DVDs eventually dominated the movie rental format.

Even before the little retail space just off Sandy's main drag was Blockbuster, the store was the independent retailer, Star Video. Anderson acquired it in 1986 and hitched his wagon to the national Blockbuster brand in 2004.

"It's a fun industry," he explained. "People are generally coming in happy because they want to be entertained."

Now, 12 years later, Anderson's closing his doors at the 37417 Highway 26 location. It would appear the Outlook's prediction back in 2010 has come to fruition — internet has killed the video store.

A decline in revenue paired with an increase in costs began years ago, according to Anderson.

Though streaming content providers like Netflix and Hulu have contributed to the inevitable closing of what many have called Sandy's own little time capsule, Anderson says an overall boom in digital downtime fillers is to blame.

"There's just so much content now they can get in many different formats," Anderson noted. There were a lot of things that contributed. (Revenue has) been declining for a while (and) the customers' tolerance for cost increases was (negative)."

POST PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - Several Sandyites are getting their last Blockbuster movie nights in while they still can.Andy Anderson and his wife Linda Anderson own two other businesses in Molalla — a Figaro's Pizza and a frozen yogurt shop — so this closure does not mean retirement for the couple. They will, however, miss the Sandy community.

"Sandy has been great," Anderson explained. "Our customers for the most part were loyal. I think probably our location and the community we were in (helped our business)."

There hasn't been an exact closing date set for the store, but Anderson says by the end of the month, the Sandy Blockbuster will be no more.

Until then, the store will sell off all movies and even store fixtures. One man even bought part of the Blockbuster sign.

"There's been a lot of nostalgia with Blockbuster," Anderson added. "People want to take a bit of that with them. We're sad to go. We've been fortunate to hang on for as long as we have. We wish we could hang around for another five years."

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