Members to come from various facets of community for new Housing Task Force, city says.

FILE PHOTO - Mayor Shane BemisThe Gresham City Council voted unanimously to form a Task Force on Housing during its meeting Tuesday evening, April 3, to find community solutions for the housing issues in the city.

The Housing Task Force will assess the state of housing in Gresham, identify best practices and recommend approaches to provide housing needs.

The task force was first identified as a solution during a March 6 meeting where many concerned citizens testified.

The next step will be recruiting for the task force, with the hope of having a wide array of stakeholders. The city wants participants to include a renter, landlord, advocacy organization, financial professional, real estate agent, school district representative, a faith community member, a member of the Community Development and Housing subcommittee and the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, and a resident-at-large.

The task force will focus on what the city can do to support tenancy for renters and landlords, opportunities for regional coordination, whether Gresham should assist after an eviction or rent increase, and the role of the city regarding leases and private contracts.

In other business, the council also voted unanimously to appoint Steve Stevens to the Urban Forestry Subcommittee, which advises on all activities related to the health, protection and extent of Gresham's urban tree canopy.

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