for Sept. 25, 2012

Wand merits re-election for bipartisan work

Two years ago, then-Troutdale City Councilor Matt Wand won the trust of voters to represent District 49 in Salem. Like many Oregonians, I was concerned that an evenly divided House of Representatives would result in two years of partisan bickering and legislative gridlock. I’ve never been happier to admit I was wrong.

Matt Wand hit the ground running in Salem, became a strong moderate voice within his caucus and built bipartisan relationships from day one.

The result is a laundry list of accomplishments in two sessions where one could argue little could be expected. Credit needs to go to Matt and all incumbent legislators for putting aside partisan politics for the good of Oregon.

Given the successful sessions in 2011 and 2012 with a promising agenda in 2013, voters in District 49 should put aside their partisan biases and vote for continued progress. Please join me in voting for Matt Wand to continue the strong representation he has delivered to the citizens of District 49.

Eric Anderson, City Councilor Position 2, Troutdale

J Gelati is helpful and has good ice cream

There is a new business at Cherry Park that serves serve soft serve ice cream — J Gelati, owned by Sally and Glen Mackey.

I stopped in there in early August, and on that day my car was having trouble starting. I live in Fairview Village.

It was one of those extremely warm days. The next thing I knew, the owner, Glen, was checking the car battery and I was eating ice cream.

He determined that the cables needed cleaning; thus, he drove the car to his home while his wife watched the shop.

He cleaned the cables and got my car running nicely. The extra effort this person went to on my behalf deserves a mention: good news, good people and good ice cream.

Sandi Jo Goddard, Fairview

This Democrat is for Republican Matt Wand

I do not live within Rep. Matt Wand’s district and cannot cast my vote for him, but this Democrat endorses Matt Wand, R-Troutdale, for re-election to the Oregon House of Representatives.

I’ve known Matt as a fellow lawyer and respect his intelligence and work ethic. He grew up in East County and is devoted to it. He is exceptionally bright and is a skilled debater.

To serve in the Legislature while trying to build a law practice and raise a young family poses difficult challenges involving not insignificant financial sacrifice. I respect his commitment and willingness to serve.

It is very important to have lawyer-legislators, especially those who serve on the judiciary committee as Matt does. Whether you are a victim of crime, a landlord, tenant, banker, business owner, or consumer, the Judicial branch of state government is absolutely critical to the health, safety, and economic well-being of the people and business institutions of this state. It is a separate branch of government that must have the resources to ensure the fair administration of justice in this state. Matt Wand understands this, and his position on the House Judiciary Committee is critical. I urge all voters in House District 49 to re-elect Matt Wand.

Richard A. Weill, Corbett

Scott Hansen for Oregon Senate

Scott Hansen is the right candidate for Senate District 25. He has demonstrated leadership and the right values for East County and our state. We need bright new faces in Salem.

This election is about jobs and the economy. Hansen understands the challenges facing small business owners, and he has the energy, ideas and commitment to do something about it.

Scott is committed to a safe and liveable community. He understands the need for a balanced approach to neighborhood crime problems.

He understands the complex relationships between law enforcement, corrections, courts, social services and public education. He will bring a common-sense approach to solving Oregon’s problems with bi-partisanship, civility and creativity.

We need Scott Hansen’s principled leadership, knowledge and wisdom in East County and the representation he will take to Salem.

Mel Hedgpeth, Gresham

Editor’s note: Hedgpeth is retired undersheriff for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Johnson favors corporate interests over kids’ health

Voters in Oregon House District 52 deserve to know Mark Johnson’s priorities when it comes to children’s health. In June 2011, Johnson refused to sign a petition allowing the House to vote on Senate Bill 695, which would have banned the use of the toxic chemical BPA in baby bottles and infant formula containers.

BPA has been linked to obesity, thyroid problems, reproductive abnormalities, heart disease, childhood behavior problems and neurologic disorders in humans.

In an email message to me, his staff gave the reasons for Johnson’s refusal to allow this bill to come to a vote: “Representative will not be signing the petition for the reason that this bill prohibits the manufacture, distribution and sale of child beverage containers and reusable bottles made or lined with BPA. With Oregon continuing to suffer from high unemployment, this bill represents another mandate on our job-creators. The bill will negatively impact Oregon manufacturers and retailers, especially resellers, and will require them to navigate through the state’s complex bureaucracy.”

Because of Johnson’s position, the bill did not come to a vote. Fortunately, the FDA just this summer banned the use of BPA in baby bottles and cups.

Voters in the coming election have a clear alternative to Mark Johnson in Peter Nordbye, who will work to protect the health of all Oregonians, while promoting the creation of jobs.

John Christensen, Corbett

Monnes Anderson’s experience needed

I’ve known Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson personally since she was a young adult; in fact, she baby-sat my own kids when they were young.

I can tell you from personal experience that Laurie has the highest integrity, she listens to all sides, and she fights for East County every day in Salem.

Having lived in Gresham for 54 years, it’s with confidence that I say the candidate with the right priorities for our community is Laurie Monnes Anderson, who truly cares for East County families and small businesses.

As our senator, Laurie has used her experience as a nurse to increase access to high quality health care in a bipartisan way, with an emphasis on taking care of families. She’s also ensured funding for public safety efforts that keep our community safe, fought to reduce class sizes and helped small businesses get access to the capital they need to grow and expand.

We have a champion for East County’s schools, small businesses and families in Laurie Monnes Anderson. Let’s keep her working for us by re-electing her this November.

Carol Weber-Reeve, Troutdale

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