by: Jim Clark Dr. Mike McKeel stands in front of his downtown Gresham dental office, which was built in 1942 by Dr. Corrinne Trullinger.

1912 - With the recent completion of the Bull Run water line, Gresham's water system was up and running 100 years ago. 'No more pumping for us,' said butcher T.R. Howitt. The Congdon Hotel was also to get running water.

And the newest things in schools in the east, The Outlook reported, were moving pictures machines for instructional purposes. Which meant that it was also the birth of the kids who became audio-visual aides and the world's first nerds.

1922 - Prisoners on death row in Oregon were in for a long wait 90 years ago as the Oregon Supreme Court studied the validity of the death penalty. There was likely to be another wait while the matter went to the U.S. Supreme Court.

1932 - In the hard days of the Depression 80 years ago Gresham had a relief committee, formed in 1930, to assist people in need. Their work included giving away food and blankets, providing holiday baskets, assisting with fuel and clothing and even hiring people who needed jobs to clean up the cemetery.

1942 - Dr. Corrinne Trullinger completed work on a new office building in downtown Gresham 70 years ago and moved into the Second Street location. Built like a colonial cottage by Claude Stockton, it is still in service as the office off Dentist Mike McKeel. (See photo.)

1952 - Harry Thompson was named superintendent of the Gresham Union High School District, replacing the retiring Charles Saverude 60 years ago. Thompson had worked at the school since 1941.

And Requiem masses were held at St. Luke's Episcopal Church for England's King George who died Feb. 6. He is well known now, because of the film, 'The King's Speech.'

1962 - The nation was mulling the notion of letting 18-year-olds vote 50 years ago, so The Outlook went out to talk to those of the same age. The 18-year-olds The Outlook spoke to doubted that they were ready, said that they hadn't had enough responsibility and that they knew nothing of tax matters.

1972 - The Sandy River crested at about 25 feet in late January 40 years ago, well over the 18-foot mark considered flood stage. Only minor damage was reported but the beach at what is now Glenn Otto Community Park was a lake and the highway department brought cranes to pull debris from the pilings of the freeway bridges.

1982 - The county dedicated the only new covered bridge in the state 30 years ago, Cedar Creek Crossing on Southeast Deardorf Road over Johnson Creek. Fairview resident Helen Rees completed her history of the Oregon town of Shaniko. And Troutdale City Administrator Allen Perkins, in hot water with the City Council, packed up his family and vacated his home in Troutdale over the weekend without leaving any word behind.

1992 - Capt. Jim Slauson retired from the Gresham police 20 years ago. When he started, he said the city was one-tenth of the size it was in 1992, and the police department didn't clean its only shotgun.

2002 - The bottom of the Sandy River was declared public property 10 years ago, upsetting homeowners and delighting recreational users. The long-disputed river issue ended the claim of some riverside dwellers that their property lines extended to the middle of the river. The public ownership decision made it clear that boaters and other recreational users could make use of riverbanks.

2011 - At this time last year Anthony Lee McDowell, 50, a war veteran and sergeant with the Army Reserve, was shot and killed by Gresham police responding to reports that he was armed and suicidal. A grand jury found no fault with the shooting. McDowell was mourned as a 'soldier's soldier.'

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.