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Reading matters. From providing people with a form of entertainment to being one of the best tools for learning, reading is an important part of day-to-day life.

I have three daughters that my wife and I work with to make sure they are passionate about reading.

I have seen firsthand how important it is for a child to learn to read early in life. If our children don't learn to read well in their early years they will play catch up for years to come.

Reading will help them learn about the history of this country and their community, and provides them with an earned respect for different cultures. Reading not only helps us learn, it helps us be good citizens.

Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation raises money every year to help ensure the students in our district have the resources they need to be strong readers.

High school students will be calling Feb. 20-23 to ask for your support. Please be generous. If you don't get a telephone call, I urge you to take a moment to make your donation online at

Join me in making a difference in the future of all children in our community.

Greg Matthews

state representative


Message to school board was demeaning

Dan Chriestenson's address to a January Gresham-Barlow School Board business meeting has come to my attention today. It was titled, 'Schools exist to educate children, not to employ teachers.'

I was troubled that Chriestenson was speaking on my behalf as I am among 'the people' he claims to represent.

I do not have children of school age, but was offended by his tactless disrespect of those employed by the school district in his address. I would like to set the record straight that Chriestenson does not reflect my values nor the values of my community.

Furthermore, the title's admonition is ridiculous. Imagine a car owner admonishing the mechanic who performed an oil change that, 'Cars exist to drive people, not to employ mechanics' simply to pay less for the oil change.

It is a demeaning, arrogant and selfish statement meant to falsely frame the situation into a mechanic versus car dichotomy where the owner stands to benefit. The car versus mechanic dichotomy is easily recognized as ridiculous but the teacher versus children's education dichotomy is additionally insidious in that it reaches into our emotions and creates damaging rifts within our community.

It is from my own personal experience as a former student of the public school system as well as a member of the community and acquaintance of teachers, that no one cares about children's education more than the very people who work toward that goal.

Let me be clear. No one cares more about children's education than the employees of the school district. While many parents may protest that they in fact care more about their children's education than the school district employees, it has been my personal experience that collectively, their care and effort toward their children's education, however great it may be, is in fact eclipsed by that of the employees of the very school district their children attend.

So I will issue my own admonition to the school board. Do not rend this community by demeaning the very people charged with the education of its children for the sake of easing your administrative duties.

Alfred Badowski


Say no to the 'light switch tax'

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to slap a 'light switch tax' on all of us. It will cost each household $261 a month in new taxes. A bill of $3,128 per year. This is coming from our U.S. government! From the White House.

It is time for us to let our voices be heard in the White House in Washington, D.C.

No light switch tax. Call or write your senators. Let them know how you feel about this.

Laura Shriver


Firefighters come to the rescue

On Monday, Feb. 6, while traveling east on Burnside Street, I was involved in an accident with another car pulling out from the Sizzler restaurant on the south side of Burnside.

I was lucky to have this big fire truck right behind me. Three very nice young men were right there to see if I was hurt, and I want to thank them so much, because this elderly lady gets shook up about such things. They were out of that truck in minutes and were at my door. The time was about 11:30 a.m.

We should be proud of young men like this, and I want to thank them again.

Norma Marschman


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