OK, we don’t take it ALL back. We still think the Fairview City Council messed up big time when it failed to select a replacement councilor on Jan. 8 for the departed Ken Quinby.

At that meeting the council interviewed eight candidates — several highly qualified — but left the meeting equally divided without having made a decision.

It also remains disappointing that it took a collective sigh of exasperation from the public to get this council to work as a team.

But we are willing to take off the table the notion that Fairview’s residents should remember “this council’s failure to work toward the common good,” as we stated in an earlier editorial.

That’s because the council returned to the dais on Jan. 15 and corrected the mistake it made on Jan. 8. That’s good news and perhaps a sign that this group can overcome its differences and work for the benefit of the community it represents.

The council on Jan. 15 unanimously appointed Ted Tosterud to complete Quinby’s unexpired term on the council. Tosterud brings a significant amount of experience in business, volunteerism and local public service. Better yet, he has a clean slate with Fairview city government, so he is not likely to engage in the polarization that has come to define this council.

In the meantime, the Fairview council should build on this rare moment of unity, realizing that a stalemate in city government is synonymous with stagnation.

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