The eroding relationship between the Corbett School Board and the top administrator at the Corbett Charter School is leading to one unavoidable conclusion — that the needs of students are taking a back seat to this feud.

From the perspective of the School Board, we completely understand why its elected members would not want to deal with Charter School Director Bob Dunton, whose e-blast rants regarding the Corbett School Board are nothing short of unprofessional, and to some extent unsettling.

We suspect Dunton is largely to blame for this mess because of his abrasive reaction to anyone who dares challenge his authority. Dunton’s diatribes in his e-blasts certainly rise to the level of conduct unbecoming of a school official.

But the Corbett School Board should never have allowed its responsibility to children to take second-place to its desire to silence Dunton.

We’ve said this before: The Corbett School Board should grant the charter school one more year on its lease agreement, giving the charter enough time to make a seamless move to new classrooms in Rockwood. For the good of students — and no one else — we have not changed our position on that issue. Failure to do so disrupts learning for students enrolled in the charter school.

But it appears the school board has no such intention to reconsider its decision to evict the charter school.

Having said that, we now add our voice to those who are demanding that the charter’s board of directors (separate from the District School Board) break its silence on this mess.

So far, Dunton has been the only administrator speaking on behalf of the charter school. What we don’t know is if the charter board is solidly behind its administrator, or if the board is as dismayed as others by his behavior.

The charter board has before it a letter from the school district requesting an investigation into the correspondence from Dunton related to the lease agreement. The letter asks for a concise statement on whether the charter board stands behind Dunton.

We hope the charter board immediately begins its internal investigation. The charter board’s intervention would be a welcome first step toward providing clarity on this issue for all involved.

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