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The first day back to school is always a nerve-racking day for most kids no matter what grade or school they attend. This year, it will be extraordinarily difficult for the students of Reynolds High School.

I am a parent of a Reynolds High School student. And as the new school year approaches, thoughts of the first day back almost overwhelm me. After seeing the media at the RHS open house to show the remodeling that has been done. I started to think about the first day of school and all the media being there and how much more difficult that will make it for these kids.

The re-dramatizing and re-traumatizing of that tragic day is completely unnecessary.

I am asking all media outlets to please stay away from Reynolds High School. Do not come with your mobile trucks and cameras and sensationalize this day.

There is no new news here to be covered. We all know what happened nearly three months ago; it was heartbreaking and tragic. If you must report on this, please do it from your news studios. Let these kids get back together with their teachers and friends and love and support each other without a news crew pointing cameras in their faces.

This is not news reporting — it's sensationalism and drama for the sake of ratings.

This day will be hard enough for these students without the additional regurging of a tragic day by the media.

RHS parents and all parents, please share this with everyone possible. Let the media know we want them to do what is right by these students and this community. Ask the media to stay away from Reynolds High School and let the students get back to their normal lives.

Leslie Hodges, Gresham/Fairview

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