Transit riders should have the option of using 'the old ways,' one reader argues.

TRIMET PHOTO - A TriMet worker inspects a HOP pass machineSaturday evening, July 29, TriMet sent this email to riders: "Service Alert: TVMs and loading money on HOP cards affected by network issues — Ticket machines are unable to process payment card transactions at this time. Also, customers may not be able to load money on their HOP cards. Crews are working to resolve a network issue. We apologize for this inconvenience."

Now, if this is not absurd: Could someone at TriMet please tell me and the public how much this HOP system cost to put into place? And how much it's costing to fix it right now?

I want my regular paper monthly passes back. People should have the option of "the old ways." Electronics should not be continually forced down our throats — not by TriMet, not by society at-large. I'm very disappointed that HOP has failed before it's even been put into place. So now, will we riders be cited for not paying when these machines break down?

TriMet has known for years that its riders want better bus service, not cutesy toys like these HOP machines. TriMet should have spent all this HOP card money on better bus services.

Marian Drake

Northeast Portland

Contract Publishing

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