More Comments: Fire damage in the Gorge, Don't give candidates free campaign space.

FILE PHOTO - A news photo that ran with 'Woman, 29, dies of domestic violence."I object to the headline, "Woman, 29, dies of domestic violence," and to the wording in the accompanying article.

Nowhere does it say this woman, Shay Martinez, was murdered, yet that is exactly what happened. Anyone who dies of domestic violence is a victim of murder, and Martinez is no exception. Please call it what it is, murder.

Len Otto


Don't give candidates free campaign space

I'm surprised The Outlook staff doesn't recognize a campaign ad in the guise of an opinion piece (My View, Knute Buehler, Sept. 15).

I recently renewed my print edition subscription. Perhaps you could lower your rates if you charged for political ads instead of printing them on the Opinion page.

Paul Wilcox



The following comments were gleaned from posts on The Outlook's Facebook page.

VIDEO: Fire damage in the Gorge

I wonder if the teen boy (accused of starting the fire) thinks this is all so funny now.

Lynne Wills

I hope Oregon outlaws fireworks since kids can't seem to contain the sense of common logic.

Nick Kent

Sad to see. Such an important part of our past.

Marilyn Bas

GUEST OPINION BY SEAN STEVENS: Logging is a cure worse than disease

Proper management would go a long way to easing the problem. Nobody said it was a silver bullet. And management means harvesting some deadfall as well. Removing some of the fuel can make firefighting easier. Trees are a renewable resource.

Keven Bottenfield

The thing is, Sean, all those places that were so called "protected" for you to enjoy as a kid were much more maintained and curated long before "Oregon Wild" was even a thing.

You guys roll in 40 years ago and encourage mismanagement and destructive foresting policies, and here we are today.

I maintain some wooded land of my own. I run a chainsaw, and thin the living garbage out of it. And you know what, Sean? It grows back with less disease, greener and bigger than ever. It even looks nicer.

Funny how that works.

Enjoy your fires.

Ryan Dickman

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