Readers sound off on the missing address in a recent article regarding Hogan Butte Nature Park.

FILE PHOTO - Close to 100 people gathered atop Hogan Butte Saturday morning for the dedication of Hogan Butte Nature Park. It features interpretive signs, native plants, and an amazing view of a half-dozen Cascade Range mountains.Nice article, but where's the butte?

Nice article announcing the opening of the Hogan Butte Nature Park in Gresham (Sept. 27 edition), however, it would be nice to know where it's located — specifically.

Not everyone who reads is a local resident and Hogan Road is quite a long thoroughfare (that's assuming it's even off of Hogan)

Care to share a hint? Thanks. Much appreciated.

Janet Kessler


Hey Outlook! Forget something?

I really enjoyed the article about Hogan Butte Nature Park. We might go there if we already know where it is and how to get there. I think the writer just assumed that everyone who gets The Outlook has lived here all their life.

But I'm sure there are a lot of people who get it so they can learn about Gresham and all that goes on. I'm one that moved here five years ago and am still learning about Gresham and don't know where the butte is or how to get there.

It would have been helpful to have the directions to it included in the article.

Thanks so much.

Dorothy Haskins

Rockwood/Centennial neighborhood

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well, it looks like we forgot a fairly important detail. Hogan Butte is at 757 S.E. Gabbert Road. There's more than one way to get there. Here are two:

• From East Gresham, take Southeast Hogan Road south to an intersection with Southeast Roberts Drive. Turn right and stay on Roberts Drive to an intersection with Southeast Regner Road (it's a hard left onto Regner). Stay on Regner until you reach an intersection with Southeast Gabbert Road on the left. Follow Gabbert to Hogan Butte Nature Park.

• From Historic Downtown Gresham, head south on Southeast Roberts Avenue to its intersection with Southeast Regner Road. Turn right onto Regner and stay on Regner until you reach an to intersection with Southeast Gabbert Road on the left. Follow Gabbert to Hogan Butte Nature Park.

Hope that helps!

Steve Brown


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