What's Inside This Article: Corbett unity needed on school replacement building issue.

WIKIPEDIA PHOTO - Las VegasIn view of the recent Las Vegas violence, I am writing to object to the general focus on gun control to prevent future acts. Should not the general press be held just as, if not more so, responsible for such incidents?

Is it necessary to provide future criminals with the names and availability, as well as the information that ID information is not required to purchase this deadly item? Should they not just say that an explosive substance was found, and let it go at that. Why give future criminals (terrorists) all of the information they need to plan a future "event"?

Is it necessary to give sick people the name of the gun — that changes from a semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic rifle — that they can purchase relatively easily?

Should the press show videos of what this item is capable of, show pictures of what the bump stock looks like so that they know what to look for when buying terrorist-related items?

The press should be held responsible for providing such detailed information. The public does not need to know that Tannerite is a readily accessible explosive. The story just needs to relate that an "explosive compound" was found.

Gangs and others who create violence do not need to have information readily available to them that can help them commit a crime. Granted they can look all of this up on the internet, but without the specifics it becomes more difficult for them.

Put a good portion of blame for these types of crime where it belongs — with the press who provides such detailed information that almost any crime can be copied without much effort.

Patricia Pfeiffer


Corbett unity needed on school replacement

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City on Sept. 19. It was a subduction zone earthquake similar to the type of earthquake we have gotten and can expect to get in the future in the Pacific Northwest.

Numerous buildings in Mexico City collapsed as a result of the quake, including a school. There was a tremendous outpouring of community members to assist in attempts to save students and teachers from the collapsed school building.

There were some survivors pulled from the rubble, but most of those in the building perished. The death count from the collapsed school is 26, including 19 young children.

The Pacific Northwest is expected to experience a magnitude 8 or 9 earthquake in the future. Geologists and seismologists are certain of this. It might not occur for decades, or it could happen next week.

On the Richter scale, each higher number represents an earthquake that is 10-times stronger. The magnitude 9 quake we are expecting will be nearly 100 times stronger than the 7.1 magnitude quake that collapsed the school in Mexico City.

Why should this matter to the Corbett community? The Corbett Middle School is constructed of hollow clay tile.

Structural engineers have evaluated the construction techniques and materials used to build the school and have determined that the building is highly likely to collapse during an earthquake.

If the building collapses when children, teachers and staff are within the building, there is a reasonable probability that we will have injuries and possibly fatalities.

The Corbett community recently demonstrated a heartwarming and amazing level of support for each other during the Eagle Creek Fire. It was wonderful to see the community come together the way they did.

There was an outpouring of support for each other with no consideration for race, religion or politics. I am certain that the community would come together in a similar fashion if an earthquake severely damaged our school facilities and rescue operations were needed.

As a father, a member of the community, and a School Board member, I am hoping that we can work together as a community to provide Corbett students with a safe new building before the next significant earthquake hits, rather than waiting until the building collapses.

The Corbett School Board and Administration have been working for years to find the funds to provide the fire and life safety improvements necessary to reduce the seismic threat that is posed by the existing middle school building.

One of the most viable funding options for a new school is a bond measure. The board will meet soon to discuss placing a bond measure on the ballot.

I am asking that the community come together and work with the district over the next year to find the necessary funding to make a new school a reality, whether the funding method is a bond or something else.

Our children deserve it. Information on how the community can help our kids will be developed over the coming months.

The board welcomes your input. Thank you.

David Gorman


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