More Letters: Vera Katz blazed a trail worthy of admiration, writes Lynn Snodgrass.

CONTRIBUTED - A Gresham police cruiser with the new 'Hate is not a Gresham value' design.I have noticed that almost all of the Gresham public vehicles have a sign in the window — "Hate is not a Gresham value."

This brings a lot of things to my attention, one and probably the most important at this point, is that the signs were implemented immediately after the election of Donald Trump as president.

That is an argument that this is public funded politics. Last I checked there are laws against that. Someone within the Gresham city government has taken it upon themselves to put a politically motivated slogan in public vehicles.

CONTRIBUTED - A city of Gresham Prius with the new 'Hate is not a Gresham value' bumper sticker. The second thing that comes to my attention is the stupidity of people who have allowed this. Let me explain — hate is a value. Don't take my word for it just look for the sign posted on every Gresham vehicle, and at Gresham City offices. They agree, hate is a value. They just want to exclude it as a value practiced by the citizens of Gresham.

I would like to strongly disagree with the people behind this movement. Hate is a value that, like love, is both good and bad. You can love to do meth, and that's bad. You can love the feeling you get when you rob someone or beat someone, and that is bad. But I don't think it would be smart to put up publicly sponsored signs saying love is not a Gresham value.

Just like the sign "hate is not a Gresham value" is not smart.

I personally hate murder, I hate rape, I hate theft and I hate that someone at the city is using my tax dollars to promote their anti-Trump agenda.

Hate is a Gresham value. For now. God help us if we lose that very important value.

After all, to love God is to hate evil.

Tom Mitchell


Katz blazed a trail worthy of admiration

I didn't know Vera Katz very well, but she was well respected in a lot of political circles.

She blazed the trail for women, being the first woman Speaker of the Oregon House. That opened the doors for several of us in the years that followed.

Vera was the mayor of Portland when I was Speaker of the House. While she and I might not have agreed on how to get things done, I respected her passion, commitment and love for her community, which made her a role model for other female politicians like myself.

I sat by Vera on a plane flight once. What are the chances that two former speakers from opposite political parties get assigned seats side-by-side on a flight?

Away from the marble halls of Salem and Portland, the two of us talked about being moms, wives, cooking and faith. Normal everyday stuff.

I remembered how at peace she was in that setting. Not trying to broker an agreement, solve a problem, or plan a path for the future.

She shared personal information with me as if we had been good friends for a long time.

Our plane flight together had an impact on me. Being away from eyes and ears of the press allowed each of us to be just us. I have always been grateful for that personal time with her. It proved to be memorable and helped continue to shape my admiration for her.

Lynn Snodgrass

CEO of Gresham Area

Chamber of Commerce

Former Speaker of the Oregon House

EDITOR'S NOTE: Vera Katz, 84, was diagnosed with acute leukemia this month, and died on Dec. 11.

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