I sell many items that would be included in this tax: soda, juice, energy drinks, coffees and teas.

FILE PHOTO - Soda in a local grocery store.Dear Mayor Bemis:

I'll get straight to the point. I hope you'll join me and so many other small businesses in Gresham in opposing a beverage tax in Multnomah County. As owner of Stop-N-Shop on 191st and Burnside, I have no doubt that this tax will harm our independent businesses and our community.

At my business, I sell so many items that would be included in this tax: soda, juice drinks, energy drinks, coffees and teas. A large portion of my income would be impacted. And if people stop shopping here, the worst case scenario is closure.

If not that, I'm sure I'd have to cut hours of my staff and they wouldn't be able to keep working for me because they need those hours as much as I need them to keep the doors open.

Like most business owners, I want to do my part to help young kids succeed but this proposal will only lead to me and fellow local business owners putting their parents out of work. Those bigger grocers and chain restaurants might be able to afford this without going belly-up, but for us, we'll feel the added expense almost immediately.

Thanks for saying no to a beverage tax, mayor.

Moe Kasini


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