Kids from a daycare in Gresham share reasons why they love their father

Dad s are a pretty big deal, especially in the eyes of a 5-year-old just learning how things work in this gigantic, spinning world of ours.

Granted, dads and moms today are sharing more equal roles than ever before when it comes to bringing home the bacon and changing little Susie’s diapers.

But let’s be honest, there are some things dads do best.

For example, if it involves fishing, baseball, helping with homework, barbecues, staying up late, or losing at checkers, really, who better to fill that role than dad?

In celebration of Father’s Day on Sunday, The Outlook dropped by a daycare in Gresham — the Small World Learning Center — to learn from the sons and daughters who love them the most what makes dads so great.

Here’s what kindergartners had to say when asked, “Why do you love your father?”

Ava Ferraro, 5: “Because I miss him when I’m at school. I like to go to the park with him. I play with him. He chases me and he takes me for a bike ride.”

Brayden Bodine, 5:

“Because he’s cool and I love him. I like going fishing with him. I like when he takes me to the park.”

Brynn Rhea, 5: “I love my dad because he does lots of nice things for me, like play with me. Games! Games! Games! I beat Dad at checkers every time.”

Halle Lang, 5: “Because every single time I wake up, he gives me a kiss. He let’s me watch TV in the morning and because he reminds me to do my calendar (for school).”

Hayden Harding, 5: “’Cuz he takes me to a very special park and he takes me to Mount Hood.” (Harding wears the No. 1 jersey for the Sandy T-ball team his dad coaches.)

Ivan Porter, 6: “Because he lets me stay up a little longer than usually. He stays up and watches movies with me.” Their favorites? “Star Wars” and “Shrek.”

Liam Fox Maguire, 6:

“ ’Cuz he takes me on hikes a lot. My favorite part is crossing steep bridges. I like to play golf with him.”

Libby Wise, 5: “He plays baseball with me. He buys me build-a-bears and he takes me to the mall.”

Madison Peak, 5: “’Cuz he lets me go fishing with him and he lets me go on my bike when my training wheels are off.”

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