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OUTLOOK PHOTO - Ava Horton plays the title character in the Corbett Children's Theater production of 'Alice in Wonderland. The show continues on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at The Chapel in Troutdale. The title role in Corbett Children’s Theater production of “Alice in Wonderland” intrigues Ava Horton.

“I find it interesting that she is dreaming up all these mad characters, and that she thinks she is mad,” says the 11-year-old. “It’s a weird thing to think about — but it’s kind of cool.”

The play, based on the works of 19th century British author Lewis Carroll, brings alive the story of Alice, a 7 year old girl, and her imaginary company, including the White Rabbit, the Dormouse and the Queen

of Hearts.

CCT opened “Wonderland” as both a main stage show and shorter junior companion production this month, at The Chapel, 27132 S.E. Stark St. The remaining main stage shows take place at 7 p.m. Thursday to Saturday, Oct. 13-15, with matinees at 1 p.m. Saturday.

The junior companion show takes place at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15.

Admission to the main show is $12, or $9.50 for students and seniors. Admission to the companion show is $8, $6 for students and seniors.

You can purchase tickets at the door or beforehand at

For more information, call 971-271-3255.

OUTLOOK PHOTO - Simeon Johnson is the Mad Hatter and Alex Turner is the March Hare in the Corbett Children's Theater production of 'Alice in Wonderland.'Horton hears a play

Playing Alice takes a lot of memorization, Horton says, noting she believes she has “255 lines.” Although she has been in plays before, this is her first CCT production.

“I like acting in general,” Horton says. “I also think it’s fun to meet new people and interact with them on stage.”

Maranda Cadungug, a senior at Metro East Web Academy, plays the Mock Turtle, whom Cadungug says is half cow.

“I do not put on my costume until I’m about to go on because it gets so warm,” she adds.

The role is a new challenge for the veteran actor, who has been in 10 previous shows.

“I’ve never had to play an animal role that needed less movement than I would use playing a human, and I use voice inflection to establish the character and paint the picture of who it is,” Cadungug says.

Corbett High School senior Tristen White plays the mercurial Queen of Hearts.

“She’s basically like a hyperactive toddler,” White says. “I see her as an adult child because she’s so crazy. Everything is about ... ‘I am the world, and the world is me.’”

White notes she’s come a long way from her first CCT production, in which she played the Statue of Liberty in “Schoolhouse Rock.”

“Now I’m just like this big gigantic personality, and I have to scream almost every time when I go on stage,” the 17-year-old says with a chuckle.

Alex Turner, 15, plays the March Hare, a “crazy rabbit sitting at the table with the Mad Hatter” — his first time on stage with Corbett Children’s Theater. The acting bug has finally bitten him.

“I like having the spotlight and knowing that there are people watching me in a show that they might wind up liking,” he says.

The cast members agree that audiences should enjoy CCT’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

“Everybody sees a little bit of Alice in themselves,” Cadungug says. “Everything is possible, and Wonderland is everybody’s imagination.”

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