The OSAA is in the early stages of realignment plans for the 2014-15 school year.

Most of the drastic changes are expected to come at the big-school levels, although early proposals have Corbett shifting leagues to the long-standing Tri-Valley, which includes eastside schools such as Estacada, Gladstone and LaSalle Prep.

The 6A proposal would have Corbett as the smallest member of a six-team Tri-Valley (4A) league, while the 5A model would expand the Tri-Valley (3A) to eight with Corbett among the larger schools in that mix.

The Valley 10 retains the same core members at the 1A level with the addition of a pair of tiny upstart schools — Columbia County Christian and St. Stephens Academy.

“It doesn’t really affect our league,” Portland Lutheran Athetlics Director Chad Rush said. “The main focus seems to be avoiding the hybrids, and that’s a good thing for the state. You want to have equal representation across the leagues.”

When the 6A model was introduced seven years ago, hybrid leagues were formed mixing teams from different levels into the same grouping.

The 1A level would remain the largest collection of schools in the state with 85 members in the five-classification proposal.

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