Construction of the new minor league baseball stadium is helping Walnut Street Park in HILLSBORO PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT - HILLSBORO PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT Around 70 tons of sod are being recycled during the new baseball stadium construction project.

The park at 1717 S.E. Walnut St. is undergoing a $175,000 renovation funded by federal Community Development Block Grant. Now it has also received about $35,000 worth of sod removed by Parks & Recreation Department maintenance crews from a softball field in the Gordon Faber Recreation Complex.

The field is being replaced by the $15.2 million stadium for the city’s new Single-A baseball team.

Crews were able to remove 70 pallets of sod from the field and replant them at the park. Each pallet weighs approximately a ton. The park has been undergoing improvements this summer, including the installation new play equipment and a zero-depth splash pad. The existing grass was damaged during the work and has now be replaced with the outfield sod.

Some of the sod also went to Rood Bridge Park and the Hillsboro Pioneer Cemetery. by: HILLSBORO PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT - The Walnut Street Park received some of the sod as part of its current renovation project.

Crews were also able to recover approximately 33 years of a special kiln-dried material from the field to be re-used in softball fields in other parks. It is highly absorbent and minimizes rainouts, which is important in the Pacific Northwest. It costs about $1,000 and the recovered material is valued at around $10,000.

And crews were able to salvage bases, bat holders, pipe, sprinkler heads, valves, drinking fountains lighting, poles, benches and chain link fence for future reuse. 

Hoffman Construction, the company building the stadium, plans to recoat and reuse approximately half of the fencing, with the remainder being entirely recycled.

Department officials say that by reusing and recycling as much as possible, more than 70 tons of materials are being diverted from the landfill.

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