Quick: What is the official Hillsboro slogan?

Don’t be surprised if you can’t think of it. Hillsboro doesn’t actually have an official slogan. And the official logo — a blocky “H” — isn’t very memorable, either.

The City Council has authorized changing that situation. One reason is to help forge a community identity that reflects how Hillsboro residents feel about their city. Another is to help market the city to potential employers on economic development missions.

After months of discussions among city employees, residents and even out-of-towners, a new Hillsboro brand and logo has emerged. The brand is about growing things in Hillsboro. The new circular green and blue logo is intended to reflect sustainability, industry and progress.

A brand is more complicated and encompassing than a slogan, says Corrine Bloomfield, Hillsboro’s marketing manager. It is what people say about you when you’re not around.

Connecting Hillsboro to growth reflects both the city’s agricultural roots and newer high-tech industries. It will be repeated in themes such as “Grown in Hillsboro” and “Together, we are growing Oregon’s future.”

No one really knows where the current logo came from. Some people think it is a drawing of the front doors of the Washington County Public Service Building, where the council used to meet.

Whatever the case, the new logo is more open and inviting. Bloomfield says one side of “H” points down, representing the city grounded in its past. The other side points up, showing that it is moving forward.

The logo will begin appearing on city stationary and business cards as they are replaced. It will also be featured on new signs and the city website, which will be redesigned in the foreseeable future.

The brands themes should begin appearing in written materials in coming weeks, including articles written for the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce’s newsletter and promotional literature carried on economic development trips.

The transition is planned to be gradual, but city officials hope Hillsboro residents will like what they see and hear.

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