Former Hillsboro Police Officer Timothy Cannon does not remember much about the night he was arrested and is overwhelmed by what has happened to his family, according to a family friend who says she has visited him in jail.

“Tim and his family have been devastated by this. Their lives have been forever changed by what happened that night,” says Alana Ambrose, a former emergency response manager at Intel Corp. and the wife of Officer Vin Ambrose, Tim’s former partner at the Hillsboro Police Department.

After the arrest, Ambrose stepped forward to help Lisa and her two children. Among other things, she organized 10 teams of more than 130 volunteers who are purchasing food, preparing frozen dinners, delivering meals and helping to repair the Cannon’s home on 37th Avenue near Forest Grove High School, which was damaged by bullets fired during the 80-minute standoff on Jan. 20.

Many are Forest Grove police officers and firefighters.

“We were involved from the get-go,” says Ambrose

A crew has already picked up debris at the house and prepared it for construction teams, which will replace furniture, repair sheetrock and deep-clean the residence before Lisa and the children return to live there.

“That night Lisa and the children’s life was shattered,” Ambrose said. “Unlike many of us, they no longer have a husband or dad to come home to, and Lisa went from two incomes to one income overnight.”

Ambrose has also established an account at Bank of the West, called “Lisa Cannon Supporters,” to collect donations for the family.

Lisa Cannon is unable to visit Tim Cannon at the jail and “no messages can be passed between them” because she is listed as a victim in the investigation, according to Alana.

“(Lisa) loves her husband with all her heart,” she said, “but they can’t see each other until this trial is over.”

Tim Cannon’s criminal trial is set to begin March 19 in Washington County Circuit Court.

Meanwhile, Vin Ambrose is reeling from his partner’s arrest.

“Vin and Tim backed each other up on all their calls,” Alana Ambrose said, adding that she and Vin were in Cornelius when shots rang out at the Cannon home. “That night Vin thought he was going to listen to his best buddy be killed.

“I’ve watched my husband crumble because of this. It’s brought him to his knees.”

Jim Redden contributed to this


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