The city of Hillsboro held a public hearing Tuesday to discuss a proposed rate increase for garbage and recycling services. But the “public” part of it came and went in less than a minute as no one stepped up to speak.

After Mayor Jerry Willey asked if any citizens wanted to testify either for or against the proposed rate hike, council members voted unanimously to approve Resolution No. 2441, which authorizes a modest increase.

The Hillsboro Finance Committee recently recommended the proposed increase, and asked members of the Hillsboro City Council to give their approval.

The rates franchised haulers charge residential and business customers are set by the City Council, so an up or down vote from the council was required.

With the council’s vote, the cost for pickup of a 35-gallon residential cart will go from $22.35 per month to $22.85 per month; while rates for commercial service will increase by 85 cents per container yard.

Rates for drop box services will not change.

City officials explained that the need for the increase is based on three primary factors: Disposal fees charged to the haulers by landfills have increased; labor costs have increased; and revenues from recyclable materials have been reduced due to reduced demand globally for the materials.

The new rates will take effect as of Sept. 1.

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