The Washington County Sheriff’s Office and local police agencies have received complaints from citizens concerning a warrant payment scam.

The scam involves someone calling to ask for a payoff to avoid arresting the person who supposedly has an outstanding warrant.

Here’s how it works: A subject calls a citizen at random and identifies himself as a “Washington County Deputy Sheriff.” He tells the person who answers the phone that the citizen currently has a warrant for his or her arrest.

The subject tells the victim he or she will be arrested if the person does not buy a Green Dot prepaid card in a specified amount, and pay the caller to clear the warrant.

Once the victim has the card, the subject would arrange a location to meet and get the card. The subject threatens to come to their house and arrest them if they don’t pay.

Law enforcement officials point out that no agency would ever call demanding money to clear a warrant, or for any other reason.

If a person has an outstanding arrest warrant, a law enforcement officer is required to take that person into custody and would not take any type of payment to clear the warrant.

Anyone who receives a call similar to this is urged to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503-629-0111.

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