SolarWorld exposed a split in the solar industry when it filed a trade complaint against Chinese manufacturers earlier this year. The Hillsboro-based company was backed by other American and European manufacturers, who argued the Chinese government was illegally subsidizing their country’s cheaper products.

But solar panel installers and environmentalists argued the cheaper prices meant more property owners could afford to install them.

Now it seems that even though SolarWorld won its case, many Chinese products are still cheaper.

The company has now appealed related rulings that reduce the effectiveness of duties imposed on Chinese-made products, company officials said. They include what the company calls a “loophole” about where Chinese-made solar cells are assembled into panels and the value of the aluminum frames.

SolarWorld filed its appeals with the Court of International Trade in New York last week. As the fight drags on, the company has reduced the number of employees at its Hillsboro manufacturing plant from more than 1,000 a few years ago to around 600 today.

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