Tuality Healthcare’s long-time Tuality Physical Therapy facility at Ninth and Cedar, located next to Hillsboro’s Shute Park Aquatic Center, will close Friday, Sept. 27, to allow personnel to transfer to the soon-to-be-expanded Tuality HealthPlace location on Cornell Road at Northeast 48th Avenue.

The change, according to John Hakkila, Tuality’s director of rehabilitation services, will allow Tuality to ramp up services at Tuality HealthPlace. Construction is under way to expand the Tuality HealthPlace facility to include more sports medicine services, along with office space for several specialty surgeons — including Dr. Adam Soll, a second physical medicine doctor who joined Dr. Daniel Albrecht’s practice in August.

Kim Lierman, the clinical program leader at Ninth and Cedar who also oversees the athletic trainers, will move to Tuality HealthPlace along with support staff. Hakkila said Lierman is highly regarded by physicians and the bulk of her client list is expected to move with her to Tuality HealthPlace.

Tuality will continue to provide aquatic therapy at the Shute Park Aquatic Center. Construction on Tuality HealthPlace is expected to be finished in mid-November. When finished, Tuality will occupy almost the entire building.

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