The Hillsboro City Council has identified the city’s “Top 10” list of priorities to focus on over the next year.

Eight of the priorities, decided upon during a recent city council retreat, were carried over from 2013. There are also two new priorities, including enhancements for downtown Hillsboro and the acquisition of more park land — which includes an agreement with Washington County for the new Fairground Sports Complex.

The top priorities for Hillsboro in 2014, as well as specific objectives for measuring progress, were listed as follows:

n 2014 Legislative Session — Strategic Investment Program/Gain Share: Negotiate to maintain the current SIP/Gain Share formula;

n Finalize the city’s portion of the Washington County Transportation Study;

n Develop a new community center;

n North Industrial development strategy: Complete road improvement on 253rd Avenue to Meek Road;

n 50-year water supply source: Adopt a water rate plan;

n Support the 2035 Vision: Complete a new 20-year community plan — Hillsboro 2035 — by June 2015;

n Identify and implement specific actions to support the Hillsboro School District and higher education: Continue participation and identify ways for the city to support the Hillsboro School District’s College & Careers Pathways program and develop a comprehensive city-wide internship program, create and fill internships for students in the Youth Advisory Council and the PCC Future Connect program;

n Transportation funding focusing on bicycle/pedestrian safety and improvements: Construct sidewalk improvements on Northeast 37th Avenue from Main Street to Brogden Street;

n Downtown enhancements: Complete three storefront improvements in downtown area;

n Park land acquisition including secure long-term agreement with Washington County for a Fairgrounds Sports Complex: Purchase or lease park properties identified as important for public recreation needs.

“These priorities represent the collective desire of the council to continue to raise the bar in serving the community and delivering opportunities for an even higher quality of life here in Hillsboro,” said City Manager Michael Brown. “These priorities are in addition to the critical public services that we provide every day — police, fire, transportation, sewer, water, library, parks and recreation and more.”

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