In an effort to reduce non-emergency, general information and nuisance calls to emergency 911 lines, Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency (WCCCA) staff will be posting the most ridiculous calls they receive each week on their Facebook page and Twitter account.

Here’s a recap of what they’ve come up with so far in their "You Called 911 for That?!" campaign:

A man called 911 to report he lost his driver's license and wanted to know if he was to a call 911 to report it stolen.

DMV does not require a police report for a lost or stolen driver's license. Contact DMV directly. If you choose to file a police report and it was lost or stolen in Washington County, you can call the non-emergency number.

On Sunday, March 9, dispatchers answered a 911-call from a guy who wanted to report people feeding the ducks at Summerlake Park in Tigard. This is not something police will respond to. To report an event such as this in a park, you should contact the city's public works department.

A woman called 9-1-1 to report a barking dog. For most circumstances, complaints about barking dogs within Washington County should be directed to Animal Services. An officer responded to the call and did not hear anything.

A gentleman in "extreme duress" called 911 because his pre-paid cell phone was not initialized and he needed to make phone calls because he had recently been evicted. Dispatchers cannot and will not assist with problems with landlines or mobile phones. n Last week a gentleman called 911 because the zipper was stuck on the jacket his wife was wearing and he didn’t want to damage the coat.

A lady called 911 because she thought her phone told her to do so.

The non-emergency number for Washington County is 503-629-0111. 

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