If he runs, he won't be able to seek re-election to the senate, under Oregon law.

MERKLEY'S OFFCE - Oregon U.S. Sen. Jeff MerkleyAlthough Democratic U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley has not yet told Oregon voters he won't be running for re-election in 2020, the influential Politico website reports that he is seriously considering running for president then.

"Almost no one knows who he is, but there may be a spot for Jeff Merkley on the left flank of the 2020 Democratic primary — and he wouldn't rule out running even if Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are running," Politico said in a Sept. 19 online story headlined, "Meet the leader of the vast left-wing conspiracy."

The Oregon Constitution prohibits candidates from running for two lucrative offices at the same time — including vice president, if that's his strategy.

According to the story written by Edward-Isaac Dovere about Merkley's activities in one early primary election state, "He's already beaten Warren to Iowa, and he spent more time in Des Moines this month than Sanders has since last year's caucuses."

Dovere admits Merkley needs more national exposure, however, writing, "Merkley could use some buzz outside the Beltway — though inside Washington, he is very much a player, having quietly brought together leading groups on the left for what's become a regular series of pragmatic, action-focused meetings."

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