Deep Space Brewing has a galactic theme for its five beers at Out Of This World Pizza, with a total of 30 beers on tap

HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO: JOHN WILLIAM HOWARD - Don Milford, the owner of Out Of This World Pizza, began thinking about adding a brewpub two years ago. Deep Space Brewing poured its first beer this summer.Need a distraction for the kids? Need a drink?

Hillsboro's newest brewery allows parents to have their cake and eat it, too: pizza, play and a pub all under the same roof.

The owner of Out Of This World Pizza, located at 6255 N.W. Century Blvd., sees the new brewpub — called Deep Space Brewing — as a way to offer something to a wider section of Hillsboro residents while retaining the identity of his business.

"When we opened we had small kids, and as they've grown up, we've evolved our space to fit a different age group," said Don Milford. "The reason for adding the brewpub is we really wanted to offer something to everybody in the Hillsboro community and not just families with small kids."

Michael Mellott runs Deep Space Brewing, working mostly on the weekends. The brewery — Hillsboro's fifth commercial brewery — has five beers on tap with plans to expand to eight beers, offering the remaining taps to guest breweries.

HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO: JOHN WILLIAM HOWARD - Inside the main dining area, a large galactic play structure is the main attraction.Like Out Of This World Pizza, which has a large space-themed play structure in one corner and a selection of space-themed arcade games in another, the beers have a galactic feel.

Peet Me Up, Scotty is a smoky Scottish ale with a chestnut-brown color and a smooth finish. Plan B Pale Ale and Contingency IPA are named as a nod to the hiccups in building the brewpub. Deep Space also offers an Antimatter Cloud IPA and a Daybreak Coffee Amber.

HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO: JOHN WILLIAM HOWARD - Deep Space Brewings equipment is in an old storage room behind the bar at Out Of This World Pizza.The pub has two of Hillsboro's brews on tap: a blackberry honey ale from Three Mugs Brewing, and an American IPA from Vertigo Brewing. The system is set up for 30 beers.

The pub first began pouring beer after July 4, and after several months of quiet success, Milford said he's ready to begin spreading the word. The pub is the culmination of a major overhaul at Out Of This World Pizza, driven by the need to move the entertainment center's inflatable obstacle course — a costly attraction to insure.

The pub took the place of the arcade, which has been moved to the east. Milford also expanded his seating to around 700, including a sports lounge upstairs, several private rooms, the large dining area, the pub and a new outdoor area.

Milford said Out Of This World Pizza hosts around 1,500 birthday parties a year, and on many weekends in the winter months, he can pack in as many as 25 parties on a Saturday. The entertainment center has a lot of moving parts, but all with the same objective — to give people a place to have fun.

"I could have eliminated all the equipment and just gone with a big brew pub and gone crazy with the thing, but family is important to us and we want to be family-friendly," Milford said. "That was part of finding a brewmaster — somebody who wanted to have the same feel."

Milford said that if parents are comfortable, it's fine to bring kids and let them play on the east side of the building while parents enjoy a beer in the pub.

"Every parent has a different comfort level," he said. "Some parents are students, and they'll get on WiFi and study while the kids are playing."

Weekends will still be the busiest time for the center, Milford said, but he is looking at ways to use the pub to attract midweek customers. Prices for play are lower on school days, and Milford has added new items to the menu beyond pizza and salad in an attempt to attract more business-oriented customers — a small-plate menu with an international theme, and new pub-style food.

Milford said he would eventually like to open a second location, possibly with a greater emphasis on a brew pub, but his immediate focus will be on stabilizing the new business venture. He said he doesn't have plans to distribute beer, beyond limited local distribution, and said he'll stick to the brewpub model where cost margins are higher.

Out Of This World Pizza, and Deep Space Brewing, are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.

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