Walters Cultural Arts Center has opened the door for Northwest artists since 2004.

COURTESY PHOTO: WALTERS CULTURAL ARTS CENTER - Material Witness, a piece by Dianne Jean Erickson, is part of a current exhibit at the Walters Cultural Arts Center.The door is once again open for artists at the Walters Cultural Arts Center.

Artists — painters, sculptors, metal-workers and everything in between — have until Dec. 1 for submissions to the center, which is currently considering artists for its 2018-19 season.

The center, at 527 E. Main St., in downtown Hillsboro, has taken artist submissions since it opened in 2004. In that time, the annual artist call has helped to move the career of several Pacific Northwest artists forward, according to Hillsboro Cultural Arts Program Supervisor Bridie Harrington.

"I give all the credit to the artists and their dedication to their careers," she said. "However it's gratifying that we can support them and shine a light on their work while connecting them to our community."

The call generally receives between 50 and 60 submissions each year, and is open to artists from Oregon and Washington. Both solo artists and groups — experienced, professional or emerging — are encouraged to apply, Harrington said.

Having submissions from artists at different points in their career allows the center to have diverse exhibitions.

"More important than any specific medium or approach to visual art, we're looking for artists to propose an exhibit concept that showcases a cohesive body of work as well as their individual talent," Harrington said. "Our goal is to offer our patrons and the community at large a rich, diverse, engaging gallery season while creating great opportunities for artists."

Exhibits run for two months. The current exhibit, Reckless Forms by Dianne Jean Erickson, features prints created by melting sticks of wax on a hot plate to form images. The exhibit includes live music on the first Tuesday of each month.

A pair of abstract artists, Plata Garza and Steve Klier, will hold the exhibition space beginning Dec. 5.

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