Tuesday's episode of 'Strange Inheritance' will showcase a Hillsboro family's weapons collection.

COURTESY PHOTO - Brian and Tim Marek speak with 'Strange Inheritance' host Jamie Colby on Tuesday's episode of the Fox Business Network reality show.A Hillsboro-area family is preparing for their 15 minutes of fame when they are featured on Fox Business Network's reality show "Strange Inheritance" Tuesday night.

Brothers Dean, Brian and Tim Marek will be featured as part of the show's two-day season premiere, showcasing their father's large antique weapons collection, which they inherited after his death nearly a decade ago.

One of Fox Business Network's highest rated programs since 2014, "Strange Inheritance" tells stories of families who inherit unique and exotic items. Monday's episode depicts a family who inherited a Rembrandt painting from their mother, which hung in their New Jersey home for years before its worth was discovered.

The Marek family weapons collection includes a Civil War canon reportedly used at the Battle of Gettysburg during the U.S. Civil War, as well as weapons from the Revolutionary War, World War I and other eras.

According to Fox Business Network, the massive arsenal was the obsession of collector Rudy Marek, who died in 1999, and left the collection to his three sons.

During Tuesday's episode, host Jamie Colby will interview Hillsboro-resident Brian Marek, his brother Dean, of Cornelius, and Tim, who lives in Redmond.

The episode, titled, "Canon Father" airs at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 16.

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