Compliance checks were performed across the city over a five-day period last month.

The Hillsboro Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff's Office arrested more than a dozen Hillsboro-area sex offenders last month, as part of a weeklong sting aimed at getting offenders to living within the requirements of their convictions.

In January, police officers and members of the Sheriff's Office's criminal apprehension team performed compliance checks with registered sex offenders across the city over a five-day period. According to the Oregon State Police's sex offender registry, about 350 registered sex offenders live within the city, but Hillsboro police said some are not living at their last reported residence and may be out of compliance with their reporting requirements.

"Each compliance check is an effort to verify an individual registered sex offender's residency and to identify any additional crimes," Hillsboro police said in a written statement.

The vast majority of the registered sex offenders were living at their reported residence, the city said. Fewer than 10 were not living at the residence, and more than 70 were unverified, meaning police were unable to confirm the residency of an individual.

In total, police arrested 17 people on a handful of charges related to the sting.

Javier Iniguez-Galvan, Shaun Alan Brock, Miguel Angelo Teifel William Dix Winslow, Larry Walter Gehrke and Veronica Ayala-Lopez were arrested for failing to report to their last known residence.

Tishy Ann Favela, Jordan Daniel Wilson, Micah Delacy Simmons, Charles Wesley Murphy Jr., Alexander Davila, Bethany Christine Dilger, Jesse Aaron Wilson, Travis Gordon Morales and Thomas George Prouty were arrested on outstanding warrants.

Rodney Dean Atkinson and Jereme Myles Beardall were arrested on domestic violence charges.

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