Congress needs to stay focused on helping public

The bipartisan deal to reopen the government and avoid defaulting on federal obligations will allow us to avert an economic crisis, but we must recognize that too much damage has already been done. The government shutdown was unnecessary and harmful to public and private sector employees, businesses and families across Oregon and the country. 

This agreement should initiate a departure from the days of governing from crisis to crisis. I am hopeful that my colleagues who cheered on this shutdown have learned that the American people are harmed, as is democracy, when shutting down the government is used as leverage.

It’s time for all of my colleagues to work together on a common sense budget that balances growing our economy with the need to reduce our deficit. It’s time to set aside the divisive and destructive rhetoric. We still have a lot of work to do. It’s time for Congress to get back to finding solutions that benefit the American people.

Suzanne Bonamici

Member of Congress

Intel’s emissions are toxic

As a resident of Hillsboro, I am concerned about Intel’s request to be permitted to allow emissions of highly toxic substances into the atmosphere.

I live in east Hillsboro, probably within five miles of all of the Intel plants in this area. I have read that many of the chemicals Intel proposes to emit are highly toxic to people in my age bracket (73), as well as pregnant women, young children and people with ongoing health issues.

One of the articles I read indicated that many tons of fluoride-related chemicals would be released if the current application is granted without restrictions. I understand there is current technology available that would permit these pollutants from being released into the air. Intel has reported strong profits, and should be required to use the cleansing technology.

I realize Intel is the largest private employer in our area, if not in the whole state of Oregon. To me, that is no excuse for them to disregard the health risks these emissions would cause to their own employees as well as to the community at large. As a major employer, Intel has a moral responsibility to be a good neighbor, and to do all it can to ensure that people in Washington County, and indeed the entire Portland metropolitan area, are not adversely affected by their actions.

Please do not grant the permit in its current form. Protect the citizens of the county rather than allowing “the money” to taint the judgment of the Department of Environmental Quality. It is my understanding that the reason your department exists is to protect the environment for the people.

Myra Beeler


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