The real problem is piling up more and more debt

Your commentary (“Will they crash the plane?” Hillsboro Tribune, Oct. 11 issue) stated that a small band of hardliners are acting like hostage-takers, that their approach seemed to be give us what we demand or “we will crash the plane into the mountain.”

You don’t seem to have the slightest idea of what the problem is. It is the $17 trillion in debt that has piled up. It is the $60 trillion in unfunded spending obligations. It is the $250 billion per month spending without congressional control and without a budget.

Do you have an idea of the amount of interest now payable on the national debt? Do you realize that the artificial low interest rates will not continue and what the increase will be when a reasonable rate of interest is paid on the government obligations? It will be a very substantial portion of the total tax revenue received by the government.

With continuation of the present fiscal policy, there will be a crash. It will not be the result of the shutdown. It will be a disaster, and the country will never be the same. It will not be the result of acts of the members of Congress you criticize, but the insane fiscal policy you apparently approve.

Despite this, Obama refuses to negotiate.

Do you have children or grandchildren? I do. They will be the ones who will suffer the coming catastrophe.

Tom Moore


Hillsboro school levy is necessary, appropriate

As a voter in the Hillsboro School District, you’ll be asked to support a bond levy when ballots hit your doorstep Oct. 18. I know the decision to ask voters to support a bond levy didn’t come easily for the Hillsboro School Board. While our economic climate continues to rebound, the bounce in step is still not fully restored. However, I believe the school board got it right. They looked long and hard at what would really benefit students and set about to determine how much it would take to move the dial ahead on access to technology, building maintenance and school safety initiatives. The ask is a $25 million bond levy.

Here’s why the Hillsboro Chamber Board of Directors likes this initiative:

It’s specific. You know what you are paying for.

Technology is a game changer for students these days. It’s a game changer for schools as well. You can’t be considered relevant if you aren’t offering your students appropriate access to technology and weaving the use of technology into the classrooms. When most students have more powerful technology in their homes than is available in the classroom, we have a problem.

Would you let the roof of your house deteriorate to the point that the only recourse is to put on a whole new roof? Our schools are community assets and they require the same level of maintenance and upkeep as our homes. With the years of funding cuts that all districts have experienced, routine maintenance projects have dropped off the radar screen. As the old adage goes, “you can pay me now or you can pay me later.”

Probably the most important but most unfortunate portion of this bond is the focus on safety. This world is different than when we went to school. Student safety is not something you can take for granted, and if additional cameras placed throughout our buildings will help deter crime, buy them today.

It is for these reasons the Hillsboro Chamber Board of Directors unanimously voted to support this bond levy. You’ll see a statement in the voters’ pamphlet signed by many members of our board. We believe this is an important initiative and we encourage your support. If you can assist with the campaign, your contribution would be gratefully received.

Doug Barrett

Chairman of the Board

Greater Hillsboro Area

Chamber of Commerce

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