It is interesting to hear from downtown merchants who want to go to two-way streets. We apparently have no more pressing needs in Hillsboro to take care of than to spend $2.5 million on this project.

Let’s put a poll in the Hillsboro Tribune and Argus and ask all people to respond as to which they would prefer.

Apparently some people have problems giving directions to their place of business if it takes them telling someone to go four or five blocks out of their way to get there. That is ridiculous.

I suggest they get a map of Hillsboro.

Even if that was the problem, which it isn’t, why should the residents of Hillsboro pay $2.5 million so a merchant can make money? Concerning the people who go to the Tuesday night (and don’t forget Saturday) markets, all those people, whether pedestrian or driver, are now arriving and leaving on one-way streets.

What does the market have to do with this issue?

Now some are suggesting that empty areas be turned into “pay while you are here” spots. Really, having to pay for parking is going to entice more people downtown? Merchants, give a thought to this whole process.

In all the time I have lived here, over 20 years, I have yet to see a potential, confused customer or even if they weren’t a customer, go down a one-way street incorrectly. Also, driving on Main Street yesterday, from Sixth Avenue to downtown, there was a delivery truck unloading in the right-hand lane.

I was able, as many others were, to switch to the left-hand lane instead of being caught for who knows how long waiting for the delivery truck to finish its business.

And I might mention, that business was for the benefit of the merchants. With no parking areas in the back of many businesses, where will merchants receive their deliveries? Will the residents and potential customers have to wait and wait and wait while the trucks finish their business?

I am not sure what good will come from this proposition, except a gross expenditure that some must seem to think is trivial. But my suggestion is, I don’t think we need a “vibe or buzz” to attract people. No, two-way would not make it safer, in fact, it would make it more dangerous to pedestrians and drivers alike.

I’m sorry you need more business and don’t seem to attract it, but the outlandish cost, safety, and other issues say “No.” Let’s not let a minority — especially those who hypothetically will make money from this venture — decide for the rest of us what to do with our town.

For those who make an affirmative decision like this, let’s remove them from the position they hold. It is not a point of not accepting change — it is what is safer, more sensible, and exceedingly less expensive for our town.

“Shaking up” Hillsboro is one thing; many other transformations can be done here that make sense and give our city the growth into the next decades that it needs.

We can grow and prosper on one-way streets. Perhaps we should suggest to Forest Grove, Portland, Beaverton and all other cities that they should spend millions of dollars and change their road systems also so they are not accused of living in 1954 or 2004.

Millie Ripa lives in Hillsboro.

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