Score another win for the bullies of the world

Aug. 1 was the day Dream Girls Espresso closed in Forest Grove. And with that, you can officially score another win for the bullies of the world.

It’s sad that more and more, you see the minority fringe get their way by using tactics like harassment and intimidation. In this case, a handful of people have taken it upon themselves to decide what is morally acceptable for the rest of us. They harassed the landlord of Dream Girls until he agreed to evict a completely legal and legitimate business.

I have a simple solution for the people offended by this business: Don’t go there. Problem solved. And if the rest of the city feels the same way, then places like Dream Girls wouldn’t stay open long because they wouldn’t make any money.

I want to know how anyone thinks they get to decide what is OK morally for the rest of us. Because scantily-clad women serving coffee do not offend me. What does offend me are the self-righteous bullies allowed to harass someone out of business, and people like the landlord in this case who won’t stand up to them.

Mike Davis

Forest Grove

Ballot measure on driver’s card deserves support of voters

In November, Oregon voters will be asked to show their support for a bill that has already passed the Oregon Legislature with broad bipartisan support. The law will create a limited purpose and limited duration driver card for qualified residents. Applicants must provide proof of identity, proof of residence in Oregon for more than one year, and pass a written and behind-the-wheel driver test.

The Oregon Driver Card is especially important for immigrant families among us who are our modern-day neighbors. Too many immigrant families have been torn apart by the simple act of driving. The Oregon Driver Card will allow mothers and fathers to drive their children safely and legally to school, to doctor’s appointments, to family activities and community events without fear of separation.

This law will not solve the complex problems of immigration, but it is a step in the right direction and a gesture of goodwill toward those who are most in need.

The Oregon Driver Card is good for our neighbors, good for families, and good for Oregon. Let’s keep our roads and our residents safe. Be a good neighbor in November: Vote “Yes” on the Oregon Driver Card.

Todd Cooper

Oregon Catholic Conference


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