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HARNISH PROPERTIES - Justin HarnishSo your house is on the market and you have an out-of-town vacation planned?

There's no need to cancel your reservations, but there are a few things to take care of before you leave.

No. 1, tell your real estate agent as far as advance as possible. Together, you can draw up a plan of how to handle questions or issues that may come up in your absence.

Also alert any other parties who may need to know you're away, such as a lawyer, loan officer, escrow agent or security provider. Give the names and contacts to your agent.

Some things can be coordinated over the phone, via email or using signature software and other tools, but for those that can't, make sure you have a proxy or a clear set of instructions for your real estate professional.

Make sure your home is spotless and the yard is perfectly maintained. If you normally do these tasks yourself and you will be gone for longer than a week, arrange for a housecleaner and landscape maintenance service.

Use timers on your indoor/ outdoor lighting and have your mail held at the post office while you're away, so burglars don't notice the house is unoccupied.

Your time away allows your agent to schedule multiple showings without bothering you, at a time when your house looks perfect.

With these arrangements made, have a relaxing vacation, knowing that your real estate professional has you covered.

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