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SESSIONS ORTHODONTICS - Dr. Jeffrey SessionsOne trend that hardly seems like a trend to orthodontists is that most of us are extracting far fewer teeth in both our young and adult patients.

Aside from the visceral feeling of wanting to keep all of our teeth, preserving teeth by creating space can in many circumstances lead to a fuller smile. In addition, by preserving teeth, we can maintain better lip support. The face and lips have a natural aging process and since some extraction patterns can lessen lip support, we as orthodontists do our best to lean toward treatment plans that avoid extractions. Obviously, some cases need or lend themselves to extractions for the best cosmetic and/or bite result.

Another trend that has been growing each year is adult orthodontics. Adults are not just coming to us for cosmetics, but they are being referred to us by their dentists for limited or preparatory orthodontics using braces or Invisalign. Often, dentists need teeth moved so that a harmful bite or tooth position will not damage a new crown or implant that needs to be placed. People are definitely starting to take better care of their mouths by seeking dental and orthodontic correction and treatment.

To ensure accuracy and comfort, we use 3-D digital impressions to take scans of your teeth.

Whether you have cosmetic, bite or dental restorative needs, please feel free to call us if you would like a complimentary consultation to discuss orthodontics.

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