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Victoria Bramley, CLTC CSA
Health Care Planner Insurance Consultant
Health affects wealth and wealth affects health. Victoria Bramley, president of The Insurance Store Inc and TIS/NW, knows this personally. In the 1990s, while raising her children in Lake Oswego, Victoria was called upon to become a caregiver. Her grandmother had just moved into Victoria's five-bedroom home with her own personal nurse. And not long after, Victoria's widowed mother also needed care.

Although their grandmother was very comfortable financially, her financial portfolio was severely diminished when she developed Alzheimer's. At the same time her mother, who had planned her own care, was left almost penniless after having to pay for her father's care. This experience spurred Victoria into learning all she could about how to plan and pay for care throughout life. Health care planning options became her passion.

Chris Gardner, her partner at The Insurance Store, who has also dealt with his own parents' health concerns, joined Victoria in 2002 to start the aging preparation education program.

A fairly new field back then, Victoria and Chris partnered with respected aging experts to present educational workshops at universities, county and state offices, banks, corporations, radio and TV and many other public and private venues. This led to the creation of The Insurance Store Inc. as a resource for healthcare planning from birth to end of life; your key to health and wealth.

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