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Dr. Charles Branen - Lake Grove DentalFall is upon us and so are school sports and injuries.

This is the time of year when sports-related injuries are on the rise. While the importance of head and eye protection is well-known, mouth guards are becoming more common to protect the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.

"Mouth guards create a cushion that provides stabilization of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) while also helping to prevent injury to the joint," according to The Academy of Sports Dentistry. "They can also substantially reduce the type of injury affecting the soft tissues - such as the lips and gum tissues surrounding the teeth. In general, mouth guards can help provide protection against numerous serious injuries."

There are different types of mouth guards available: boil-and-bite mouth guards (available at retail stores) and custom, dentist-made mouth guards. The thermoplastic boil-and-bite type provided to school athletes usually are the low-end, poorer-fitting mouth guards.

Custom-fitted mouth guards are fabricated in a dental office from a cast to accurately fit your teeth. They are typically made using acrylic and contain hard outer layers and soft inner layers for comfort. Custom trays are more comfortable to wear and stay positioned around the teeth during athletic events, enhancing breathing and performance.

Custom guards are relatively inexpensive at $79 in our office and take about 24 hours to make. From now to year-end 2017, they are $59; just mention this article.

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