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Victoria Bramley, The Insurance StoreHealth insurance companies every year must submit their health plans and rates to the state for approval by state regulators. And the state can order an insurance premium increase to help cover costs to the carriers as they have in the past. The latest roller coaster of whether subsidies will be paid for or not are part of the learning curve on how to put into place a national plan to pay for growing health care costs.

For many years both government and private entities (insurance companies) have worked together to help the health plan consumer. For example Medicare when first entering the healthcare world in 1965, discovered later that the 'gap' of 20% not paid for by Medicare, caused consumers to be seriously affected financially. With a proposal involving collaboration with insurance carriers the Medicare Supplement plan market was born helping the consumer pay the 20%. Med Advantage plans, a fairly recent creation have again, with both carrier and feds working together, offer another shared cost option.

Not long ago, Oregon, until the ACA Affordable Care Act, had FHIAP, the Family Health Insurance Assistance Program, and OMIP, Oregon Medical Insurance Program. Both worked together with private insurance carriers. FHIAP offered subsidies ranging from 50% up to 95% of a consumer's health insurance premium. OMIP, a program for those with pre-existing conditions, although more expensive in premium cost, were the exact same plans, and if you qualified financially your OMIP plan cost was subsidized.

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Don't forget November 1st thru December 15th is open enrollment for health insurance!

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