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Dr. Jeffrey Sessions, Sessions OrthodonticsWhether you begin with your dentist recommending orthodontic treatment or initiating things yourself, Dr. Sessions welcomes your call to our office for a complimentary exam - no referral needed.

Generally the right time for an initial consultation for children is between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. This gives parents a general idea of any orthodontic concerns and what the timing of any treatment recommendations might be. Getting an initial game plan is very helpful even if your child is not ready to start treatment.

Older teens and adults often have specific concerns that they want addressed through orthodontics. These can range from the simple wish to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile, to an improved bite that is comfortable and doesn't hurt your teeth and bones.

Dr. Sessions also works with adults who need to have a bridge or implant placed. To make sure they get the best results, he may recommend that he first have their teeth lined-up prior to the procedure. There are other situations that unless orthodontics is done to first move a particular tooth or change the bite, that the new implant or bridge would not be possible or would be harmed. Also, there are bites that are not only harmful to natural teeth and underlying bone, but can lead to the fracturing or decreased longevity of a new crown, implant, or bridge.

If you have any orthodontic questions regarding you or your children feel free to call us anytime.

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