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Victoria Bramley, The Insurance Store - HEALTH CARE INSURANCE INSIDERWe know that heart and dental health are connected. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has 63 mandatory preventative requirements to qualify as a health plan, and one of them is an oral health risk assessment for children. Although statistically the ACA prevention programs have not yet been shown to save health care monies (one reason was the need to add millions to the healthcare system previously left out), time will prove that preventative care does reduce cost and offer other benefits as well. Early detection reduces risk of later serious concerns.

Dental problems can be an indicator of health in general, and dentists play a crucial part of any health care plan. Children getting regular check-ups and cleanings as a part of preventative care can be encouraged if they are taught as part of a full body checkup. Reduce your health care cost by taking care of your teeth. Your health in general will thank you for it.

ABOUT US - Victoria Bramley, with The Insurance Store Inc/NW, is a respected Health Insurance and Medicare planning professional with access to local and national insurance companies. From birth to end of life, she and her team are here to help you with your healthcare planning.

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